Scan, scroll, scan again,
scroll a little more,
think about it,
re-scan, scroll back,
think some more...
click or tap.

That's us, browsing the web: always searching. Maybe we're looking for a simple piece of information, or maybe we're tackling a complex task. Yes, a site should look good, follow established branding, and work on different devices. But regardless of your organization's size or what industry you're in, your priority should be well-defined, well-organized content that helps people find information, and get things done.

What I Do

IA & UX Consulting

When I tell people I make a living doing Information Architecture and User Experience, I sense — behind their blank stares — a suspicion I’m unemployed and just like making things up. In a sentence, their role is to define and structure your content, and to make sure people don't get lost or annoyed trying to accomplish a task. From planning navigation and page layouts, to details like the exact wording on a button, IA & UX help create a blueprint for building a site.

Custom WordPress Sites

It's a given that your site design should follow the established colours and typography of your organization. But your content management system should be tailored to you as well. The WordPress adminsitration can be made to manage whatever type of content you have, so stop working with 'Pages' and 'Posts' and start working with a system built around your exact needs.

Kind Words

 Geoff brings a level of organization, intelligence and understanding to projects that simply get them done well. He’s excellent at working remotely, and can be depended on to run with a job self sufficiently / transparently. Talent like Geoff is rare.  Steve Bissonnette Managing Partner, Plank
 Our clients appreciate Geoff's attention to detail, his thoughtful questions, and how he develops a deep understanding of their organization. He's been an integral part of our most successful projects over the past seven years and we continue to collaborate with him whenever the opportunity arises. He's a true professional and a pleasure to work with.  Seth Singer Founder, Think Thirty Three

My Toolkit

A Pencil

The humble pencil can be the fastest way to sketch out user flows, content relationships, and page layouts. Maybe you'll never see my notebook, but maybe we'll find ourselves sketching something out together in a meeting. Ideas on paper, that's where things begin.


Where notebook sketches go to be refined. I deliver detailed IA/UX documentation as PDFs (unless you want something else), but if you need to hang on the the source files, OmniGraffle is what I have.


I abandoned Photoshop a few years ago and I've never looked back. Sketch is the perfect tool for designing responsive web sites, and delivering developer-friendly production assets.


A great online tool for reviewing and commenting on work in progress — it even builds interactive prototypes if that's what you need.

ACF for WordPress

The Advanced Custom FIelds plug-in will transform your administration. Custom editing screens to manage your custom content. Flexible layouts, to organize page content as you please. Inline notes to remind content managers of technical or editorial guidelines.

Geoffrey Weeks

The Bit About Me (Geoffrey Weeks)

It was December of 1999, and I needed a job. Standing in a Chapters bookstore with a brick of a book on HTML in my hands, I thought: "The internet... maybe that'll stick around." I've had a lot of titles since that day: designer, programmer, project manager — sometimes switching hats more than once in the same day (or hour). Most of what I learned I owe to the fine folks I worked with for 10 years at Plank, in Montreal. Since 2014, I've been helping out on projects in Toronto, bringing to the table whatever's needed from my mixed bag of skills.

LinkedIn Profile

The Bit About You

Have a project you'd like to discuss? Send me a few details and I'll be in touch.