Geoffrey Weeks Professional Background

I’ve been planning, designing, and building digital projects for over fifteen years. I spent ten of those at a Montreal-based agency, working with clients like Michael Moore, The Fantasia Film Festival, Culture Days, and The Governor General of Canada. Having developed a diverse skill set, I'm now able to help some organizations take a site from start to finish — though I'm equally happy in a specific role as part of a team. For the details of my work history, visit my LinkedIn profile. If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.

UX/IA Consulting

When I tell people I do User Experience and Information Architecture, I sense — behind their blank stares — a suspicion I’m unemployed and just like making things up. In a sentence, UX is about designing a project around concrete goals people have when engaging with your content. IA's role is to define a structure for that content. From planning navigation and page layouts, to details like the exact wording on a button, they work together to create a blueprint for your project.

WordPress, Made-to-Measure

Whether you’re starting a new site or have an existing one in need of an update, I develop WordPress sites that give as much consideration to how your internal team manages content, as they do to how your site visitors engage with it. Move beyond posts, pages, categories, and tags, and start working with an administration tailored to your organization’s needs.

Personal Photography

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Originally, my site was simply a photo blog. The seven categories below are an archive of the 500 photos posted from May 13, 2006 to May 13, 2012.


I made an iPhone app. It shows you where to buy booze in Ontario (LCBO, The Beer Store, grocery stores), and Quebec (SAQ). It's free, so if you have an iPhone, you should download it right away and then tell all your friends about it. That's what I would do.