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Gravity Archive Site Design

The Gravity Archive

"Over the past 60 years, physicists and mathematicians have advanced cosmology at an astonishing pace. Gravity, Black holes. The origins and structure of the Universe itself. The Gravity Archive captures every major discovery—and the minds behind them—with unprecedented intimacy and detail."

Downtown Montessori

"We want children to be learners, to love to learn, to be part of a community of learners, and to grow into awesome adults who can make a difference in the world."

Downtown Montessori Site Design
Porte Parole Site Design

Porte Parole

This Montreal-based company has been creating critically-acclaimed and award-winning documentary theatre since 1998. Interviews, news headlines, and more, are stitched together into a play and then — like any other play — performed on stage by actors. The result is far from a dry, analytical take on a subject; the Toronto Star described their show The Watershed as an "ambitious, revealing, challenging production that also happens to be blissfully hilarious and entertaining as well."